As the only industry association that represents independent review organizations (IROs), NAIRO promotes the quality and integrity of the independent review process, and acts as a collective voice in advocating for our industry. NAIRO has three membership tiers: Full, Associate, and Affiliate. Full and Associate members must maintain URAC accreditation, with the opportunity to shape development of accreditation standards and influence policy. Affiliate members are firms wishing to track legislative and regulatory developments in the IRO industry, while enjoying many of the benefits of networking with other NAIRO members.

Here's a summary of our tiered membership benefits:

All members in good standing are listed on our Members page, and have the opportunity to participate in monthly member conference calls and the annual Symposium. Through NAIRO’s subscriptions to LexisNexis State Net, members receive updates on legislative and regulatory updates.



$500 - $2,500


Promoting of the value and integrity of the independent review and workers' compensation utilization review processes and participate in NAIRO programs.
  Through NAIRO representation on URAC Standards and Accreditation committees, NAIRO members are able to communicate, advocate and access to URAC senior management to raise issues and concerns as a group and to influence URAC application and modification of standards.  
Immediate and up-to-date access to pending independent review (IRO), workers' compensation utilization management (WCUM) and peer review related legislation. NAIRO has access to State Net. Member organizations receive regular updates on pending bills and laws that affect the provision of IRO, HUM, WCUM,  as well as other lines of business, such as Group Health UR.  NAIRO provides a monthly State Net report of bills that are being tracked and impact the provision of independent review.  This report is shared with all members on Base Camp, our collaboration tool.
NAIRO's Accreditation Taskforce stays abreast of accreditation-related issues and standard changes/modifications, issues and concerns that arise over the course of the year.  Our Accreditation Taskforce has a direct line to the URAC Product Development Department and reports directly back to membership. 
Members are listed and linked on the NAIRO website, which offers the most visible online industry directory. 
Coordinated marketing program that uses press releases, white papers, and other articles, through national media outlets, social media channels, to advance independent review, workers' compensation utilization review, and other lines of business of member companies. 
Access to "Basecamp", an online collaboration and communication portal that allows members to seek advice and share information with other members.
  Coordination with the URAC Government Relations Department to discuss legislative and regulatory events that may impact IROs and members and to develop joint strategies to address these events.
Access to NAIRO Conferences in which members can network, develop industry relationships and gain industry insight.
Able to participate in URAC Interaction Survey completed by each member after a URAC visit.  Results shared with members, which provide important feedback to other NAIRO members regarding URAC trends, preferences and common issues that may arise during a visit.  Results also used as an impetus to approach URAC as an organization with issues and concerns.
    Eligible to represent NAIRO on URAC Standards Committee.
    Able to vote on member-related issues, motions, by-law changes, elections, etc.
    Able to serve on the Executive Committee.
Able to participate in the Legislative and Regulatory Committee and on the Accreditation Taskforce.

Able to participate in the Membership and Marketing Committee.

Discounted attendance at Annual NAIRO Educational Symposium

Eligible to participate in the Member Referral Incentive Program, which results in an Annual Dues Discount


*Full Member: URAC accredited IRO, WCUM, or HUM with full privileges
*Associate Member: Any URAC accredited member with partial privileges
*Affiliate Member: Any healthcare entity not accredited by URAC with limited privileges